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Promotes  both healthy skin and hair regrowth for manes and tails
• Offers quick relief and visible hair growth in 3-5 days!
• Also great to use on pets and livestock
• Easily and effectively removed with Hi Shine Shampoo
And if you don't like the smell of Original M-T-G try Original M-T-G Plus!!
1.Shake bottle to mix thoroughly.
2.Apply sparingly directly to problem spots.
3.Don’t pick off scabs.
4.Apply during the coolest part of the day (product heats up).
5.For hair growth - Massage into the hair roots once a week.
  (No need to wash out)
Use Hi Shine Shampoo to remove M-T-G residue from coat and rugs.
To remove the smell from your hands, spray on Easy Out and rub well and then wash out. The smell is gone!



 I used your M-T-G on my gelding with a patch of what the Vet said was some sort of fungus. I had tried everything else I had heard of with no results. So I ordered some M-T-G, and put some on my gelding. Well, there was a death in the family, and the truth is I forgot about it for about 10 days (I did remember to feed him though!). When I checked it 10 days later, after only one application, the fungus was nearly gone! So I tried it on a bald scar on his neck....you guessed it, the M-T-G grew hair back on that scarred spot, and now the scar is covered. Later, my friend's mare had a similar problem. I gave them some of my M-T-G to use on her, and it was cleared up right away. I recommend your products every chance I get.    –THANKS!-H.W., MALIN, OREGON


I originally purchased the M-T-G for tail rubbing and mane chewing. My mare has had “cannon kurtosis” on her rear legs for years. I’ve scraped the patches off and applied other products for years. The vet said it was just something that never went away. I decided to try the M-T-G on them, I dabbed it on and rubbed it in. In five days, they were gone.  –THANKS!! –R.B.

I’ve been using your M-T-G and Natural Elegance for a year and I am impressed. I’ve become the official groom at Fort Worth’s Hacienda Del Rio, a down home ranch that raises Peruvian Paso’s. I’m so impressed with Shapley’s M-T-G. Results on dermal fungal conditions are remarkable! Since I am also a physician (only in my spare time) I often “diagnose” the horse skin condition. The running joke is that I only have “one diagnosis”, But, It’s okay…because I only have one treatment…M-T-G!   ––DR. E.M.D.


I just wanted to tell you what a fan I am of MTG. I have gypsy cobs, and they have lots of feather, I have used MTG as a preventative measure for scratches, and for a mare that I have that has gotten scratches like symptoms. It cleared it up wonderfully. Thank you for such a terrific product!!   ––M.O.

I loved the M-T-G on tails and was very impressed when I used it on a spot that was rubbed bare by a blanket. I love the new spout on the bottle. It makes it so much easier to get the dock of the tail. What a wonderful product.–– D.I.


Just wanted to let you know that MTG is not only great for horses but cattle too! We had a heifer brought down from Illinois, covered in ringworm. We tried everything to get rid of it. Finally we tried M-T-G, and saw results almost right away. Her hair came back in, and she looks great! Thank you so much, it got her back in the show ring!  –-J.B.


 TESTIMONIALS - Dogs and Cat


I wanted to drop a line and thank you for such a wonderful product. We actually use it on dogs that contact mange and it works wonders!   –-J.C.

We have an old cat that had a bald spot on her back. All the hair was gone and it looked like some kind of skin problem. Our vet suggested keeping it soft with udder balm (a moisturizer for milk cows). That was a year ago. I finally decided to try MTG on that spot. After one application, three days later you could tell it looked healed and the hair was growing in! I think it solved her problem! I put more MTG on it just last night to make sure we got it.–THANKS!! -S.D.

I have a chocolate Labrador that suffers from skin problems. I've spent a small fortune trying to find something that would help him. This past Saturday, I went to our local farm co-op store and looked through the products they offered. The equine section had many more available products than did the canine area. I spotted your sulphur-based oil, and read about it. I decided to try it. Unbelievable!!! I rubbed my dog down Sat. afternoon when I got home with it. He actually had a couple of raw spots on his back. Not bleeding, but raw. Sun. I rubbed him down again with it. The spots were still reddish, but not as raw looking. Monday; yesterday afternoon, I rubbed him down again. No redness or raw spots. His flaky skin is clearing up too. This stuff has worked wonders. I am ecstatic that I found this stuff. I just wish I had found it sooner for his benefit and my pocket books benefit. When I get him totally cleared up, I plan on using it after I bath him and just brush it through his coat. Just thought you would like to know how wonderful this product proved to be for my dog.  –– N.W.

A young man at a co-op recommended your product. I can't say enough about how wonderful your product is. This not only saved my poodle from the aggravation of a hot spot but also saved me a trip to the vet’s office. My poodle is getting some of her hair back. Thanks for such a wonderful product.  –-T.W.





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14 October 2018
MTG- Mane Tail Go Grow!! This product is a must have, gets rid of scale, dry skin & itch. Really works had a mare with Qld Itch started using MTG and within a a week it helped promote new hair growth, you can wash out with Hi Shine Shampoo plus. Both products work together perfectly.


11 October 2018
There is no other product as good as M-T-G after many years of owning a itchy welsh pony M-T -G was the only product we found that worked to grow her tail and mane back quickly , with regular washing with Hi Shine shampoo and using M-T-G on a regular basis our ponies always went out in the show ring looking great and often coming home with a champion ribbon .

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